The Perfect Pairing - Coral & Teal

The Perfect Pairing - Coral & Teal

We have been on such a roller coaster ride for weather, here in Northern Indiana. First winter, then Spring temps, back to snow, and now it's finally getting nice out again! 

Now that we are all able to wear just one layer of clothing, I'm thinking we need to do it in style. We have this grey & white striped dress with pockets and buttons down the back. It's super casual, but we dressed it up with pops of coral & teal. 

Tassels are everywhere. right now because of the boho 70s vibe they evoke. Can you spot them in the accessories here???

Paddington Station Dress | Spice of Life WedgesBe'Tasseled Necklace & Earring Set | Nora Crossbody

The colors of the necklace are the real inspiration for the addition of the purse and wedges, because the colors match so perfectly. I can see this ensemble being worn out for a day date or to meet up with your friends for a cocktail. It's fun, colorful, and appropriate for warmer days. 

Coral & teal are a lovely combo, because of their location on the color wheel. They are complimentary to each really, they can compliment you too! See what I did there? ;)

Have a happy weekend and enjoy the weather :)


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