Holiday Weekend | Red, White & Blue

Holiday Weekend | Red, White & Blue

Let's all take a collective sigh of relief shall we? 

We have a 3-day weekend headed our way, so bring on the cook-outs, time on the lake, and chillin'-out-maxin'-relaxin'-all-cool. This week, in store, all red, white, or blue items are 20% OFF, which makes it a great time to get some patriotic clothes for the upcoming summer holidays! 

In the Summer I like to keep my outifts simple. Showing up to a family cook-out in a dressy outfit & covered in jewelry could be considered over-dressed, right? Plus it's always good practice to follow the wise words of Coco Chanel:

"I always take off at least one piece of jewelry before I leave the house"

You want to dress for the occasion & be comfortable, yet stylish. If the weather is hot, you will probably want to be wearing one layer of clothes. ( If you're always cold like me, It's good practice to have a jacket/sweater, just in case )

Here's a few ideas, courtesy of KEY Boutique!

One | Wear a Cute Summer Dress

red sleeveless dress, mint kerchief, brown wedges, and cream crossbody alternate view of bag and kerchief  brown wedge heels

Two | T-Shirt + Jeans is a Classic

royal blue v-neck, blue jeans, sandals, mint crossbody alternate view of the purse sandals 

Three | Show Your Colors: 'Merica.

stripe maxi skirt, white vneck tee, red scarf & crossbosy with sandals alternate view of red crossbody purse yoga sling flip flops in navy

There you have it! Keep it simple, don your red, white, & blue, and be comfortable this weekend! Grill some burgers & spend time with family too! ;)

Happy Memorial Day & thanks for reading!

<3 Erin

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