Incorporating Dresses into Your Fall Wardrobe

Incorporating Dresses into Your Fall Wardrobe

It's not something many people do here in the Midwest. It does get pretty chilly, and being that dresses only cover our top half, it makes sense to pack our dresses away for the fall and winter. 

This year, why not try out some new autumn looks with dresses? I'll show you a few ideas of how to put them together using a few different styles. All of these looks involve layering with other pieces to give you added warmth in these cooler temps.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

1 | Wear it under your favorite jacket

bomber jacket paired with black & white stripe dress

Baby Don't Go Dress $48 | Photo Bomber Jacket $49 | Little Vivian Bag in Nickel $39 |
Mathematician's Apprentice Necklace $24 | In Cahoots Sunnies $18

Starting out with the easiest way—throw your favorite jacket on over it. Your dress may have long sleeves or no sleeves, but no one will be able to tell because of that cute jacket you've got on! You have too many other things to worry about anyway, so this keeps things simple.

2 | Use it as an extender

Ruffle hem hooded sweatshirt over black & white stripe dress

Baby Don't Go Dress $48 |  Snow-Diggity Sweathsirt $45 | Little Vivian Bag in Penny $39 | Eclipse Chaser Necklace $18

If you have a tunic length top or sweater, like this one here, just wear the dress underneath and it will act as a contrasting layer. It can give your tunic some extra length and a slight pop of color or pattern. Be sure to pick a tunic & dress that are only slightly different lengths for this method to work, you probably wouldn't want to pair a mid-length dress or a shorter tunic style together (unless it works, then by all means!).

3 | Ruche it! Wear it with a cardigan

gold dress worn with distressed jeans and cream cardigan

Living is Easy Dress $20 | Jammin' Denim Jeans $ 43 | Keep Me Toasty Cardigan $38 |
Hey, Geode NEcklace $22 | Fluffy Scarf $20

Here's a little tip: Use a hair tie and gather the dress at the side of your waist. Wrap the hair tie around the fabric so that it creates texture and disguises the fact that you're actually wearing a dress. Also, this helps in hiding that post-Thanksgiving belly pudge ;) Make sure to wear a cardigan over it to stay warm and hide the hair tied fabric. I paired it with our distressed denim and a lightweight windowpane scarf.

4 | Wear an undershirt

olive green long sleeve under a black & white stripe dress

Baby Don't Go Dress $48 | River Water Top $32 | Iguazu Falls Bracelet $15

This is a great trend for this upcoming Winter. The runways saw many call-outs to that classic schoolgirl aesthetic we all know and love. This look is just as simple as #1, but you could really go all out by adding a pair of tights and oxfords!

5 | Wear it with leggings and call it a day

Alaskan Beauty Cardigan $45 | Seamless Leggings $24 | By My Side Satchel $39 |
Medal of Honor Necklace $22 | Cute Cherry Dress $29

 I'm sure by now you have a few pair of leggings in your closet, right? Grab a pair and wear them with a dress and a fun print cardigan! Here, I even mixed prints :0

Im a big advocate for mixing patterns because not many people do it in their everyday outfits, so you're sure to be the most unique person in any room.


Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite ways to wear dresses in the fall. It's actually quite fun and unexpected for this season, so go all out and get a little creative with it! Make sure to add your own personal touches and items that you feel confident in.

Thanks for reading,

<3 Erin

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