Necessary Item | Wear This Necklace with Everything!

Necessary Item | Wear This Necklace with Everything!

If you have a well curated wardrobe, you probably have that one blouse that you can throw on with any bottoms and it just works. Right? Or you always find yourself picking that same pair of shoes to wear with every outfit. This is a good thing! It means you have staple items that are super versatile. Well today I have one more thing item that can go the extra mile for your wardrobe.

Let's take a looks-y, shall we?!

Our Isle of Treasures Necklace is a go-to accessory! See how well it goes with all of these tops & dresses? And the crazy thing is that it's turquoise & simply a string of identical beads. It's not a neutral color, but it goes very well with a lot of other colors. You can wear it in a single layer or wrap it around twice to get a layered necklace look.

Make sure the get it while you can ladies, because there are only 3 in stock! Also, use the code JEWEL25 to get 25% OFF of this necklace and all of our other jewelry until Sunday at midnight!

I promise you'll love it & wear this one with everything!

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