Styled Looks with Flora Blazer

Styled Looks with Flora Blazer

Hello all! How have you been? Are you enjoying the colder temps this week?

We sure are!

We are also loving all the new arrivals we've been getting for our store & website. If you follow us on Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram you will be the first to see all of our new items. 

What I am most obsessed with is our NEW Flora Blazer. It's made of a lightweight Poly-blend fabric in a gorgeous floral & burgundy print. Florals are very in this season and colors used in this print just scream Autumn.

I thought it would be fun to see a few different ways you could wear this beauty all season long. Keep reading to see what looks I came up with ;)

 1 | The Mixed Print Look

stripe dress with burgundy floral blazer & accessories

Flora Blazer $39 | Baby Don't Go Dress $48 | Harmonie Tassel Necklace $16 | By My Side Satchel in Soot $39 | What A Stud Earrings $15

If you are a funky kinda chick this outfit is one you should try. I mixed a classic black and white stripe dress with the blazer because they compliment each other in color and scale. Since they are both medium sized prints, they can be incorporated into the same outfit without competing with each other. 


2 | The Worker Bee Look

navy tee under Flora Blazer with accessories & khaki Pant

Flora Blazer $39 | Mum's The Word Tee $25 | Chill'n Linen Pants $22 | Little Vivian Bag in Sapphire $39 | Gilded Knot Earrings $6 | Oval The Moon Bracelet $12 | Hey, Geode Necklace in Peach $22

This look brings the blazer back into the workplace. See how professional, yet elegant it can look? This outfit would be very comfortable to wear in the office or when meeting with clients. I ditched the dark black & grays that are typically seen in workwear and decided to add our Mum's The Word Tee underneath. It has a trendy little criss-cross neckline to make it even more unique.


3 | The Everyday Dressy Look

Broze tunic under Floral blazer with accessories

Flora Blazer $39 | Pocket Full of Leaves Dress in Bronze $35 | Eclipse Chaser Necklace $18 | Little Vivian Bag in Ruby $39 | Fluffy Scarf $20

This outfit is for the girl who likes to wear a dress on the regular. I love the fun gold colored tunic (with pockets!) because it's comfortable and bright. It's not a color that you see a lot around town, & it contrasts nicely against the burgundy. I kept the accessories minimal and chose pieces that would match, not distract from the main focus, which is the dress & blazer combo.


Be sure to snatch up our Flora Blazer quick! We have limited quantities and I have a feeling that it will go fast. I hope you enjoyed seeing these looks I came up with & let me know if you have any other pieces you'd like to see us come up with outfits for!

Thanks for reading :)

<3 Erin

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