"Wear Your Sunday Best" | Easter Looks

"Wear Your Sunday Best" | Easter Looks

Ahhh, Spring. It's finally arrived and we're so thankful! I don't know if we could've taken any more cold or snowfall, here in the Midwest. It's even more upsetting when our whole store is full of pretty Spring items, but we can't wear them around for the lack of fabric & warmth they wouldn't provide. So now we can only hope Easter Sunday will be warm enough to wear these cute outfits, we've got for you. *Crosses fingers & wishes real hard* 

Floral skirt, wristlet, & ivory cardigan close-up
modeled outfit, walking pose
close-up statement necklace
Cardigan | Necklace | Skirt | Wristlet

This first look is classy and feminine. With such a bold floral print skirt, I wanted to keep the top fairly simple. I had Melissa wear an ivory cardigan with the front buttoned-up and tucked into the skirt––this gives her a great waist-shaping silhouette. For accessories I just had her put on a fun statement necklace and gave her a little wristlet to hold any little knick-knacks needed at church (lipgloss, mints...a pen?!).

close-up bracelet and torso
modeled outfit,, floral print midi dress in navy and ivory
close-up of open-toed booties
Dress | Booties | Necklace | Bracelet

The second look is a dress option. I typically will wear a dress on Easter (weather pending) so I wanted to show you ladies this sweet floral dress we have from one of the new brands we bought from on our Atlanta buying trip. This style comes in 3 different colors, shown here is the navy/ivory combo. I had Melissa wear an antiqued coil bracelet & antler pendant necklace. For shoes, I kept them neutral because of the busy patterns of the dress.

If you liked these looks, make sure to check them out in store or online. If you have any questions feel free to sound-off in the comments! Also, if you already have your Easter Sunday look, also let us know in the comments. 

Hoppy Easter, everyone! ;D
• Erin •
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